Sports Camp Scholarships

One of the major mandates of the Anesto Charles Foundation is to make funds available for sports camp opportunities to a male and female grade 7 student from each of the public elementary schools in Ladner. Two scholarships will be awarded to each school (male and female). Successful applicants must use the money to pay for the cost of a sports camp or camps.

How to Apply

Students apply by completing the application form and handing it into their teacher or principal.

Who Can Apply

All students completing grade 7 from the public elementary schools in Ladner are eligible to apply.

Selection Process

Each school will be responsible for selecting the worthiest applicant based on their leadership, citizenship and academic achievement. Schools must select two winners by June 20th. Schools are to contact Marlene Charles of the winners however the schools will present the scholarship “Congratulations letter” to the successful applicant at the school’s year end award ceremony. The Foundation would like a copy of the congratulation letter and the successful applicant’s essay.

It is the responsibility of the winners to apply to the sports camps of their choosing. Students may attend more than one camp, however the maximum value of the scholarship is $100. Students will have until June 30th of the following year to redeem their scholarship.